Lexi & Johnny Bridal Session Jordan Pines SLC Utah

This Summer Bridal Session Jordan Pines SLC Utah was amazing! Summer can be interesting in Utah, one day it is blazing hot and the next day it drops 40 degrees. The week leading up to Lexi and Johnny’s bridal session had been SO HOT!! Everyone was doing anything and everything they could to keep cool. Driving towards the mountains, it was apparent that Utah is in a drought.  Most of the grass is yellowing and less green than it is in June.  As I pulled into the parking lot, it was less busy than normal.  I found a spot and met Lexi and Johnny for their session.

I immediately noticed how beautiful Lexi was. They both looked absolutely perfect. 

Lexi, Johnny, and I met through a wedding referral here in Utah. Lexi’s mom had done most of the communication with me and is in Arizona! I wasn’t sure how everything was going to be when I finally met Lexi and Johnny but they were perfect and such a sweet couple.  One of my favorite things about being with an engaged couple is the way that they act, speak, and treat each other. It reminds me to be a better person.  To treat my husband with love and compassion.  Lexi and Johnny were exactly this couple.  Kind, tender, bubbly, just IN LOVE! 

We got along, laughed, and had so much fun getting to know each other.  The best part about going to the mountains in the summer is that the weather was absolutely amazing.  Not too hot and not too cold. Luckily there weren’t many mosquitoes.  The air smelt so fresh and clean.  Refreshing after being in the cities. 

Lexi is sweet and humble. Johnny is kind and loving. We walked all over the Jordan Pines area and were able to get so many album-worthy pictures. The tall pines leading up to the sky behind and all around us.  

The pictures speak for themselves.  Utah is SO beautiful and it reminds me every time I leave my house.  

Lexi and Johnny,

I cannot wait for your wedding.  We are going to have SO much fun together. I can’t wait to celebrate alongside you and your families.  I cannot wait to see how your love changes and blossoms over the next few years.  Remember to always be kind, loving, and tender towards each other!  Enjoy being engaged, it is only a small moment in your lifetime. The wedding will be here before you know it.  In the blink of time. 

Until the wedding day,



Bridal Session Jordan Pines SLC Utah Bridal Session Jordan Pines SLC Utah Bridal Session Jordan Pines SLC Utah