Bryn & Taylor Engagement Session at The Grand America UT

Big stone walls, symmetrical structure. Everything has a sparkly sheen when the sun hits it. It really catches your eye. The capital is a must-see for all those people who have never visited Utah and stop by for the first time. 

Classy, elegant, luxurious. All words that come to mind when you think of having your wedding, bridals, or engagements here. 

When I think of the capital, I think of beauty, freedom, liberty. It stands tall to represent us all. The ones that came before us to help us get where we are now. I think of warmth happiness and love. Because of our forefathers, we can live a life free from fear. Full of love and joy. Bryn and Taylor were a perfect couple to compliment the capital. The capital perfectly complimented them. 

I am so happy I get to share these special moments with them and capture their love exactly as it is right now. I can’t wait for you all to know them as I do. Enjoy reading their love story below!

How did you meet?

“Bryn and Taylor met in 2006 when both of their families were living in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. Three years later in 2009, Bryn’s family moved to El Dorado Hills, California. Taylor and Bryn reconnected in 2017 while attending college in Utah and the rest is history…”

Tell us about your first date!

Taylor took me out for mini-golf and frozen yogurt in 2017. 

How did you fall in love?

“We spent a ton of time together and loved every minute of it. “

How did he propose?

 “Taylor meticulously planned the ultimate surprise proposal. Bryn was picked up by her sister, Alexa, for what she thought was a double date in Park City, Utah. Taylor had told Bryn he was skiing for the day and would meet her that evening. As planned, the sisters drove to the Montage Resort at Deer Valley. Alexa suddenly turned into what seemed to be a dead end. There standing in a snow-covered meadow was Taylor. The setting was perfect with roses, candles, an illuminated “Marry Me” and a sentimental sign that read “I still love you” (a phrase they tell each other frequently). Needless to say, Bryn was crying happy tears as Taylor got down on one knee. The easiest YES of her life!”

What are you most excited about your wedding? 

Bryn: “The Grand America! My dress! Marrying the love of my life!” 

Taylor: “Seeing how beautiful Bryn is.”

Describe your relationship in 5 words!

“Friendship Love Passion Support Companionship.”

What is something that means the world to both of you?

“Each other! “

What is your favorite thing about each other?

Bryn: “his ambition, drive, and patience. “

Taylor: “her balance between being serious and still being fun and exciting to be around. She keeps me on my toes.” 

How have you grown as a couple since you started dating? 

“We have matured over the years and grown individually which has made us stronger together 

The favorite quirk about each other!

“Taylor listens to podcasts and literally only podcasts in the car. I can also always find a golf ball in Taylor’s car. “

“Bryn will always be down for a sushi run. “

When do you feel the most loved by your partner?

Bryn: “I feel loved when Taylor goes out of his way to make dinner and give me a back rub after I have worked a 12.5-hour-long shift at the hospital.” 

Taylor: “Bryn leaves love notes everywhere for me to find.”

First impression of each other!

“We were in middle school! Taylor always thought Bryn was cute ;)”

College first impression: 

Bryn: “Dang Taylor got cute!” 

Taylor: “WOW she’s even more beautiful than I remember!”

What are your favorite candies and/or chocolates? 

“Bueno Bars”

Favorite place to eat out together? 

“Sapa Sushi / Benihana”

Engagement Session at The Grand America UT Engagement Session at The Grand America UT Engagement Session at The Grand America UT