Tazia & Andrew Wedding at Huntsville Mercantile Events & Inn

Tazia & Andrew’s wedding at Huntsville mercantile events & inn started around lunchtime. I showed up at the venue, The Huntsville Mercantile Events & Inn. It was so cute! Quant, and white. With huge baskets of flowers outside. It is one of the oldest historical buildings in Huntsville and it is so cool that it was converted into an event venue.

Huntsville is like its own little secluded town. Small, beautiful and it reminds me of an old town with good values still in place. The homes are beautiful and the lots are big. Everything is green since it is close to the lake.

When you go into the building there are these AMAZING historical red brick walls. They are STUNNING.

The building is all decorated to this theme with cute antique furniture. I went to the bride’s room to see how everything was coming along, it was packed full of bridesmaids and I could feel the excitement and love in the air. Everyone is usually so happy on wedding days. The groom was helping in the ceremony details outside and making sure everything was perfect for his bride.

Huntsville Mercantile Events & Inn

I started the detailed pictures and really enjoyed capturing their personalities and love in these images.

Tazia had the most adorable cowgirl boots with embroidered sunflowers on them. Her dress, by Maggie Sotero, was nothing less than magical. The lace, intricate and detailed. The back is open and slim fitting.

Tazia’s mom gave her some small tokens for her to celebrate her special day. Something borrowed..something blue, etc. Tazia’s grandmother’s hand-sewn handkerchief was beautiful and when she grows she will pass it onto her daughter as well.

Tazia and Andrew choose not to do a first look but instead the first touch. These are always some of the best moments on wedding days. They took each other by the hands facing opposite ways.

You Know your persons’ hand better than anyone. The warm comfort of that familiar touch. It calms the nerves before the ceremony and reminds you why you are here. Intimate, joyful, and beautiful.

We started the ceremony and as Tazia walked down the aisle, Andrew smiled at her with tears in his eyes. I could tell how much they loved each other as they took each other by the hands and promised themselves to each other. Through sickness and health. The good times and the bad. Through the years. The never-ending partner and best friend.

The first kiss they shared as husband and wife. The long hug of “we made it here together.”

The parents in the first row’s eyes glistened with happy tears. Their babies are finally stuck together.

After the ceremony when the fun all started, guests congratulated the couple as they made their grand entrance as husband and wife, dinner was served and beautiful words from the toasts were said, the support never-ending.

Cake cutting, bouquet toss, and garter toss. Perfection. Exactly true to them, fun, playful, beautiful. Tazia was even able to get some cake smeared onto Andrew’s face for a great picture following!

The first dances are what always get me through. Daddy’s daughter dances as the father give away his baby girl. The tears, hugs, happiness was shared. It’s something I have witnessed tons of times and will continue to witness and never get sick of. It is an indescribable feeling. A moment that can never be redone. The son hugs his mom with silent words of saying “I’ll always be your baby, but now it’s time for me to move forward.” These are some of the moments that I live for.

From here the dancing can start and everyone gets on the dance floor to celebrate together! Maybe some guests had a little too much to drink but that is where the excitement lies. The true celebration of the couple joining together.

As they got in their oldie’s car to drive away on their honeymoon, we all blew bubbles and waved them off. This was the day that their forever gets to start. The rest of their lives of love are ahead of them.

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Wedding at Huntsville Mercantile Events & Inn

Wedding at Huntsville Mercantile Events & Inn

Wedding at Huntsville Mercantile Events & Inn
Wedding at Huntsville Mercantile Events & Inn
Wedding at Huntsville Mercantile Events & Inn
Wedding at Huntsville Mercantile Events & Inn

Wedding at Huntsville Mercantile Events & Inn Wedding at Huntsville Mercantile Events & Inn



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